•   Make very public high-profile green statement with a green wall
  •   Decorate walls in public spaces
  •   Screen utilities and equipment with green enclosures
  •   Isolate a courtyard from urban hustle and bustle
  •   Reduce urban heat by greening-up fa├žades and walls
  •   Shield cafe areas from traffic noise, pollution & wind
  •   Provide striking corporate logos
  •   Enhance air quality around schools and hospitals
  •   Create a more relaxed ambiance in communal areas
  •   Add exotic wall surroundings to pools and water features


  •   Liven up interior decor in the office
  •   Enhance staff health and wellbeing
  •   Improve patient outcome in hospitals and care homes


  •   Enhance environment around construction sites with pre-vegetated
           security reuseable living hoardings
  •   Provide scenic backdrops for corporate events with living screens
  •   Create a major floral impact at weddings and other functions